Classic CD-ROM Game The 7th Guest Is Getting A VR Remake

Return to Henry Stauf’s haunted mansion in this new take on a cult-classic mystery game.


One of the spookiest CD-ROM games of the '90s, The 7th Guest, is getting a new lease on the afterlife with a remake for virtual reality devices. Announced at the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase, this new version of The 7th Guest, from publisher Vertigo Games and co-developers Vertigo Studios Rotterdam and Exkee, uses volumetric video capture to recreate the full-motion video storytelling of the original game, which takes place in a haunted mansion that's populated by other spirits.

The end result is a surprisingly eerie game that mixes more dynamic environments in VR with head-scratching puzzles and VR-powered optical illusions. As for the ghosts who have organized a little party in Henry Stauf’s haunted mansion, you'll be able to interact with them, and fans of the original game can expect the return of characters like Martine Burden, Brian Dutton, Edward & Elinor Knox, and others, as well as some surprise appearances.

This remake is based on the original story that Matthew J. Costello wrote, and the mansion’s many puzzles are all connected to the main story. Some of them even use recognizable elements to pay homage to the mysteries of the original game.

The 7th Guest will have plenty of haunting content that's designed to give you a fright, but this leans towards spooky, not gory entertainment. The interactive mystery puzzle adventure is coming to Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest 3, and PC VR later this year.

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