Classic Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Maps May Return In The Reboot

Many fan favorite maps might release in a post-launch update according to leaks.


A new leak indicates that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2022) will include several classic maps from the original game in a post-launch update.

As spotted by Charlie Intel, Call of Duty leaker The Ghost of Hope posted on Twitter that a "trustworthy source" told them that most or all of the original Modern Warfare 2 maps would return in the upcoming sequel. However, they speculate that this would be part of a "Year 2" update. Considering that Modern Warfare 2 will be the only mainline Call of Duty release for two years, the emphasis on post-launch content is inevitable. However, the exact form this will take, and whether it will cost any money, is still unknown and largely speculative. Activision did say, however, that premium paid content would be a part of the new Call of Duty.

Plenty of information about Modern Warfare 2 has already leaked. NFL players seemed to confirm that the rumored DMZ mode would come to the highly-anticipated shooter. Some leaks suggested that Modern Warfare 2's campaign could be played early if you preordered. This has since been confirmed. Most recently, potential footage from a campaign mission was leaked, though it has yet to be confirmed that the gameplay actually comes from Modern Warfare 2.

For more details on the upcoming release, check out our guide on what we know so far. If you want to know how to gain beta access, GameSpot also has you covered.

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