Classic Atari games coming to the PC

Infogrames' Atari Revival game pack will include both classic and modern versions of Warlords, Combat, and Missile Command.


Atari Revival

This April, Infogrames will release its Atari Revival game pack, which will include the classic Atari games Warlords, Combat, and Missile Command. The compilation will feature both emulations of the originals and modern 3D interpretations of the games that combine current graphics with the classic Atari gameplay.

Warlords is based on the four-player Atari arcade game of the same name. Players must guard their castle against a fire-breathing dragon while trying to destroy the castles of their opponents. The game will feature dozens of 3D levels and a wide variety of power-ups. Combat is a modern version of the classic sci-fi tank battle game from the 1980s. It will include dozens of new 3D levels and three types of tanks. Missile Command features two modes--the classic city defense game included in the original game, as well as a new mode that lets players battle aliens around the world. The game includes several different worlds, weapons, and power-ups, and it supports both single-player and multiplayer modes.

Atari Revival: Warlords, Combat & Missile Command is scheduled for release in April.

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