Classic Arcade Game Q*bert Reboot Headed to Steam

Check out a 1982’s Q*bert in Classic or Rebooted modes.

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A piece of video game history is going to be easier to revisit when Q*bert, the classic arcade game, will release on Steam July 8.

The PC version of the game will include Q*bert Classic and Q*bert Rebooted. Q*bert Classic will look like the original, pixelated game, only optimized for mouse and gamepad controls, while Q*bert Rebooted will use 3D graphics and feature new levels, enemies, and playable characters.

First published in 1982 by Gottlieb, an arcade game and pinball company, Q*bert is an isometric puzzle platformer in which you’re asked to change every cube in a pyramid to the same color by jumping on them with the titular character.

“With renewed interest in Q*bert, in part due to the cameo in the recent Wreck It Ralph animated feature film, we are delighted to re-introduce the game and characters to current fans as well as a new generation of gamers who are experiencing Q*bert for the first time,” Vice President, Consumer Products, Worldwide Marketing & Distribution at Sony Pictures Entertainment Mark Caplan said in a statement.

The game is being co-developed by Gonzo Games and Sideline Amusements, a subsidiary of social and mobile game developer Galaxy Pest Control, in collaboration with Sony Pictures Entertainment, which owns the rights for Q*bert.

Q*bert will cost $5 on PC, with tablet and mobile versions to follow.

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