Classic Adventure Game Myst Being Turned Into a TV Show

Its original creators will be involved with the creative process, but there are no details on what it'll be about yet.


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Having already been adapted into a series of books, classic PC adventure game Myst is now being turned into a TV series.

Myst developer Cyan and Legendary Entertainment (the company behind the Warcraft and Dead Rising movies) have agreed to develop a series based on the game franchise, according to a Variety report. However, one key detail--whether it'll air on television or through a digital platform of some sort--has not yet been decided.

Aside from Legendary's intention to create the series, there were no details shared about what the project might look like. Variety states that Rand and Robyn Miller, brothers and co-developers of the game series, will be "creatively involved."

The original Myst was released back in 1993 and featured one of the early attempts to create a photorealistic game--in the process, helping to boost the popularity of CDs, which were still new at the time. In the game, players explored an island that was home to portals to other worlds. Puzzles were scattered throughout the island and these worlds, as were books that contained pleas from a pair of brothers--played by the Millers--to be set free.

Over the past two decades, the game has seen a number of sequels and has been ported to countless platforms, including iOS, PlayStation, DS, and 3DS (a trailer for this awful version can be seen above). There was also a miniseries based on Myst planned for release in the early 2000s that was cancelled.

Games have been targeted more and more as the source material for Hollywood projects in recent years, oftentimes with mixed (at best) results. Aside from the raft of movies that have gone nowhere, we've just recently seen the Need for Speed movie make a good deal of money, Ubisoft has extensive plans, and plans announced for films based on Angry Birds and Tetris, of all things. And in terms of TV, a new show based on Sonic Boom kicks off in a month's time, and Microsoft has multiple Halo series in the works.

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