Civilization V DLC brings Denmark, new maps

Firaxis turn-based strategy title expands on May 3 with Viking-themed scenario pack and 10 custom battlefields for $5 a piece.


Sid Meier's Civilization V
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Recent rumors suggest gamers aren't likely to see a continuation of Firaxis' Civilization Revolution, but 2K Games is willing to commit to more Civilization V. This week, the publisher confirmed Firaxis' latest turn-based world-domination sim will receive two new add-on packs beginning May 3.

Firaxis will be sparking an Scandinavian invasion with the release of the Denmark: The Vikings scenario pack. Players will step into the clogs of Harald Bluetooth, who unified Denmark and Norway against invasions from Sweden and Germany as part of his popular 30-year reign.

That's one great Dane!
That's one great Dane!

However, the scenario pack sees Denmark on the offensive, as it wades into the Battle of Hastings in a bid for the British crown in 1066. Aiding Denmark in its conquest, gamers will have the berserker warriors and Ski infantry at their disposal.

The second add-on, called the Explorers Map Pack, brings 10 new single-player maps to Civilization V. Half of those maps are based on real-world locations that were selected for their historical value and gameplay potential, while the remainder are fabricated. Example scenarios include the Amazon, the Caribbean, and the Bering Strait.

The two packs can be purchased individually for $4.99 a piece. Alternatively, gamers will be able to pick up the pair for $7.49. For more on Civilization V, check out GameSpot's review.

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