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Civilization Revolution 2 Plus Coming to PS Vita With Exclusive Content

Turn-based strategy game will arrive on Sony's portable in time for Christmas.


2K Games has announced Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution 2 Plus will be released for PlayStation Vita on December 3. The game will launch with "a number of scenarios, units, and world leaders from Japan's history that you won't find anywhere else."

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One scenario, titled "Journey to the West", will allow players to use TaiZong against Saladin to capture Byzantium. The other scenarios, called Wrath of Emperor Kublai, Samurai Invasion of Korea, Z-Flag Swirls, and Dark Clouds in the Pacific, are set during different points in Japanese history.

The new leaders include Oda Nobunaga, who bestows a samurai bonus; Heihachiro Togo, who has naval combat bonuses; and Himiko, who provides governmental bonuses. The new unit is the Yamato battleship, which has "improved attack strength, at the cost of compromised defense capability, compared to normal battleships."

Unlike the first Civilization Revolution, which was released for consoles, PC, and mobile, the sequel was initially only available for mobile devices. The game is developed by Firaxis Games, which--according to recent reports--may also be releasing XCOM: Enemy Unknown for the Vita.

In July, an entry on a Korean video game ratings board listed a game titled XCOM: Enemy Unknown Plus. The addition of "plus" to the title may indicate that, like Civilization Revolution 2, it may feature exclusive content, though this has not been officially confirmed. Since then, the ESRB has also listed XCOM: Enemy Unknown for Vita.

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