Civilization Lawsuit Settled

The fight between Activision, MicroProse, and Avalon Hill over the Civilization name is finally over.


After one of the more confusing lawsuits ever to take center stage in the computer gaming industry, the fight over the Civilization name - between Activision, MicroProse, and Avalon Hill - is finally over.

Avalon Hill and its parent company Monarch Avalon have apparently sold off all rights to the Civilization franchise to MicroProse. Avalon Hill originally published the very first board game Civilization in the United States as well as Advanced Civilization as a board game and a computer game.

"We are pleased this has come to an amicable solution for all parties," said Jackson Y. Dott, president of Monarch Avalon Inc.

Activision will publish its own Civilization game, titled Civilization: Call to Power, under license from MicroProse. Activision owns the rights to the name "Call to Power," console system conversions of the same game, an add-on to Call to Power, and worldwide PlayStation rights to Civilization II (except for Japan).

"We are very pleased to have worked out a mutually beneficial settlement," said Robert Kotick, chairman and CEO of Activision. "Civilization is an important gaming industry franchise, and with this settlement behind us, Activision is now ready to continue the brand's legacy with our highly anticipated new title, Civilization: Call to Power."

MicroProse, apparently the big winner and the original publisher of the computer version based on Civilization - developed by Sid Meier - will still produce Civilization II Multiplayer Gold Edition and Civilization II: The Test of Time in the near future. After that, MicroProse's plans are unknown, but undoubtedly the company will receive a healthy profit from the advance and licenses to Activision.

"This settlement clearly establishes MicroProse as the holder of the 'Civilization' property," said Steve Race, CEO of MicroProse. "We are pleased with the amicable resolution reached by all parties and believe the resolution will reduce consumer confusion regarding the Civilization brand in the marketplace."

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