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Civilization IV designer Spore-s new gig

Electronic Arts confirms Soren Johnson has left his 2K Games gig and joined the dev team of Will Wright's forthcoming evolutionary simulation game.


For the past seven years, the name Soren Johnson has been synonymous with Civilization. The well-known game designer joined Firaxis, the studio behind the award-winning historical strategy franchise, in 2000. Since then he has been one of the now Take Two Interactive-owned shop's most public faces.

Now, though, Johnson's Firaxis tenure is over. After word surfaced on the Civilization-centric forums at, Electronic Arts has confirmed the former lead designer of Civilization IV has quit his gig at Firaxis. Johnson has now returned to his old digs at Electronic Arts' Maxis studio and is working on the much-anticipated evolution-to-civilization sim Spore.

As of press time, Johnson's job change had not been noted on his personal blog, which hasn't been updated since last month's Game Developers Conference.

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