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Civilization IV confirmed

Firaxis attributes devoted fans and sales of Civ III: Conquests as tipping points.


One of PC gaming's most revered franchises is back--or at least, on the way.

Responding to reports that Firaxis is not only deep into development of Pirates 2, but also prepping the next installment in its Civilization franchise. A Firaxis spokesperson confirmed to GameSpot today that, "We are in the early planning stages of Civilization IV ... truly the very beginning stages."

The spokesperson pointed to high sales of the Civilization III expansion pack, Conquests, and interest noted among fan sites as being the primary reasons behind the studio's decision to go another round with the Civ franchise. "Based on sales of Civ III: Conquests, clearly, people continue to want more Civilization. As long as people continue to want more, we'll deliver."

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