Civilization: Call to Power II Announced

Activision says it is making a sequel to Call to Power.


Although the first Call to Power game disappointed fans and failed to achieve significant sales, that hasn't stopped Activision from resurrecting the ill-fated series. A second game was announced yesterday as Activision attempts once again to capture the turn-based strategy-game market.

Once again, the game lays claim to expanding the traditional timeline of the Civilization game, spanning 6000 years from prehistory to 2300 AD. The gameplay is very much the same as it ever was, being familiar to those who have played the original Civilization Call to Power and Alpha Centauri. However, the original Call to Power was doomed by its sacrifice of the Civilization-style attention to details and intricate balance for a more global approach to empire management. Plus, it had some silly units, a new combat system that fell apart in practice, and a few other niggling problems. Widely considered an inferior follow-up to its storied predecessor, Call to Power failed to win many fans.

Activision realizes its mistake, and in announcing Call to Power II, it took the opportunity to illustrate the changes in the upcoming game. Combat, for one, will be "refined and rebalanced for more realistic outcomes." Also, advanced units will now have more obvious tactical superiority over primitive units, cutting down on the more ridiculous episodes of axe-wielding cavemen trouncing 20th-century paratroopers. In addition, the diplomacy model will be enhanced with more options for dealing with your neighbors and making diplomatic proposals. Also, the interface will be improved, and the city-management screens will be enhanced.

Said Mike Larson, senior publicist at Activision, "The first Call to Power had strong graphics for an empire-building turn-based strategy game. A lot of the complaints were in gameplay. We've taken all the feedback and are making a game that will be great based on that feedback. We are taking out the quirkier units people didn't like and putting in cooler ones, and we're tweaking the game balance."

While screenshots are not yet available, we do have concept art. The game is slated for a fall 2000 ship date. As we get more information, we'll bring you an in-depth preview.

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