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Civilization: Beyond Earth Release Date Is October 24, Check Out A New Gameplay Video Now

2K and Firaxis Games announce release date for this fall's strategy game; preorder bonuses revealed.


2K and Firaxis Games today announced that Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth will launch for PC on October 24. Announced just four months ago at PAX East 2014, Beyond Earth is the latest entry in the beloved strategy series, and is described as a spiritual successor to Alpha Centauri

Preorder bonuses for Beyond Earth were also announced today. Gamers who reserve the title at participating retailers will receive the Exoplanets Map Pack, which features six maps inspired by real-world exoplanets. This content, which will be available at launch, is listed below

2K Games and Firaxis also released a developer walkthrough gameplay video for Beyond Earth (above), as well as a behind-the-scenes video that details how the game came to be. Today's news comes just a day after Firaxis released Civilization Revolution 2 for iOS devices.

The Beyond Earth Exoplanets Map Pack includes the following:

  • Kepler 186f: This lush forest planet is one of the oldest known Earth-like planets;
  • Rigil Khantoris Bb: Orbiting the closest star to our solar system, the historical records of this arid continental planet’s settlement are well-preserved;
  • Tau Ceti d: This planet of seas and archipelagos features a booming biodiversity and a wealth of resources;
  • Mu Arae f: Tidally locked in orbit around a weak star, the southern hemisphere of this planet is a blistering desert where the sun never sets, while the northern hemisphere is perpetually in frozen darkness;
  • 82 Eridani e: An alien world of scarce water and wracked by tectonic forces;
  • Eta Vulpeculae b: A mysterious new discovery with unknown terrain.

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