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Civilization 6's Other New Civ Revealed

Macedon joins Persia in coming to Civilization VI soon.


The second of two new upcoming civs for Civilization VI has been revealed, and it's the Greek kingdom of Macedon.

Led by Alexander the Great, Macedon features the Hellenistic Fusion ability, which provides a bonus after conquering a city. This bonus varies depending on the type of districts that city has built. Alexander himself provides a bonus that reduces the amount of war weariness Macedon suffers, allowing it to engage in long-term warfare with fewer penalties.

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Macedon's unique unit is the Hypaspist, which replaces the Swordsman. They gain an edge when attacking districts and receive more support bonuses than standard units. Alexander also grants an additional unique unit, the Hetairoi, which take the place of the Horseman and starts out with a free promotion.

The Basilikoi Paides is Macedon's unique building. It provides Science when you build a non-civilian unit in the city and offers bonuses when building certain military units.

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Developer Firaxis revealed another new civ, Persia, just yesterday. We still don't know the specifics of how or when they'll be released, but Deluxe Edition owners will definitely be receiving Persia for free. The two will apparently be sold as part of the Double Civilization & Scenario Pack that's on the way alongside the Spring update.

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