Civilization 6 Theme Song Written by Grammy-Winner

Composer Christopher Tin's new song is called "Sogno di Volare."


Christopher Tin, who composed the only video game music ever to have won a Grammy Award, will write the title theme song for this year's Civilization VI.

Tin won a Grammy for the song "Baba Yetu" from 2005's Civilization VI. His new song is called "Sogno di Volare," which translates to "The Dream of Flight." Unfortunately, the track has not yet been released (more on that below).

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In a statement, Tin said he hopes "Sogno di Volare" can capture the "essence of exploration."

"Both the physical exploration of seeking new lands, but also the mental exploration of expanding the frontiers of science and philosophy," he explained.

Tin will premiere "Sogno di Volare" at an event at the Cadogan Hall in London on July 19. The song will be performed by The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, alongside music groups such as Angel City Chorale, the Prima Vocal Ensemble, and Lucis.

The song "Baba Yetu" will also be performed that evening as part of the "Music of Christopher Tin" event, along with some of his other pieces. Tickets range from £15-£25 and can be purchased here.

Tin is a two-time Grammy winner. His 2009 album, Calling All Dawns (which included "Baba Yetu") won two Grammy Awards. The soundtrack for PlayStation game Journey was nominated for a Grammy, but it lost in the Best Score Soundtrack For Visual Media category to Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo.

Civilization VI makes a major change in unstacking its cities; no longer do you build most everything on a single tile. You can see more of what sets the game apart in our chat with Firaxis, or have Sean Bean narrate a lovely overview of the game, which launches on October 21 for PC.

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