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Civilization 6 Spring Update Announced, Two New Civs Coming

Get the full rundown on the Persia civ.


Civilization VI fans have a lot to look forward to in the near future, as Firaxis and 2K have announced that two new civs are on the way, as is a Spring update.

Only one of the two civs, Persia, has been unveiled so far. As seen in the video above, it's led by Cyrus II, also known as Cyrus the Great, who has the Fall of Babylon ability. This provides all Persian units with bonus movement after declaring a surprise war. Doing so also results in less of a diplomatic penalty than it does for other civs.

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Persia features the unique Immortal unit. Described as an "elite heavy foot soldier," it replaces the Soldier and features both strong defense and--more interestingly--a ranged attack.

Persia's unique ability grants it a bonus trade route when Political Philosophy is unlocked, as well as bonuses for internal trade routes. It also has the unique Pairidaeza tile improvement, which provides culture, gold, and appeal, as well as additional bonuses for being located next to districts and city centers.

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If you own Civilization VI's Deluxe Edition, the Persia DLC will be unlocked for free automatically when it launches, though a date wasn't provided. A price for everyone else also wasn't announced, though it may only be coming as part of a Double Civilization & Scenario Pack alongside the other new, unannounced civ.

Details on the forthcoming Spring update are also sparse. Firaxis only said the free patch provides "balance changes, multiplayer changes, and bug fixes" for all players.

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