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Civilization 6 Now Has A Free Demo

Sample the first 60 turns of a match as much as you want.


Whether you've been hesitant to pick it up or have never tried a game in the series before, Civilization VI now has a demo to give everyone a taste of what it has in store.

The newly released demo is out now on Steam and allows you to play as China with Qin Shi Huang as its leader. Given how long a full match can last, you're only getting a fraction of the full experience--you're limited to playing the first 60 turns. Once you're through, you can either start over again for another 60 turns or purchase the full game.

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Those that are new to Civilization can take part in the full game's tutorial to make the experience less daunting. Additionally, Firaxis has published a new list of beginner's tips that may prove handy.

Coinciding with the demo's release, Civilization VI will be part of a broader 2K sale on Steam going live soon. You'll be able to pick up the base game for $48, down from the usual $60.

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