Civilization 6 Anniversary Edition Announced, Is Extremely Limited

"Here's to the next 25 years!"


2K today announced a 25th Anniversary Edition for Civilization VI. The premium version, which celebrates the franchise's 25th birthday, is extremely limited, as only 20,000 copies are being made.

It's priced at $90 and is only coming to PC from select retailers, including Amazon. Featured in the bundle is the game and the content featured in the digital deluxe version, as well as the Aztec civilization preorder bonus. In terms of physical items, it has a 25th anniversary coin set and display case, as well as a 100-page hardcover art book titled Civilization Through the Years. It also comes inside special packaging themed around the anniversary celebration. Here is what the 25th Anniversary Edition looks like:

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The Civilization series, created by Sid Meier, debuted in 1991. Across all entries, the strategy game franchise has racked up 35 million units sold worldwide.

"The vitality of Civilization is in the new ideas that each design team brings to the game as well as the passion and feedback from an incredible community," Meier said in a statement. "We hope players enjoy the vibrant living world and the new features the team has created in this latest offering. I'm proud of the work they've done, and I hope you will enjoy playing Civilization VI as much as they've enjoyed making it. Here's to the next 25 years!"

2K also reiterated today that the Aztec civilization preorder pack will be released for everyone (for free) 90 days after Civilization VI launches on October 21, meaning it'll be out in January 2017.

As for the game's digital deluxe edition, is comes with four expansion packs that add new maps, scenarios, civilizations, and leaders, as well as the game's soundtrack. If you buy the Anniversary Edition or the digital deluxe edition ($80), don't also purchase the standalone packs, as you'll be charged for them. Pricing for the individual packs has not been announced.

Civilization VI makes a major change in unstacking its cities; no longer do you build most everything on a single tile. You can see more of what sets the game apart in our chat with Firaxis, or watch Sean Bean narrate a lovely overview of the game. You can also look forward to the new theme song, which is being written by Christopher Tin, the composer of Civilization IV's theme, "Babu Yetu."

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