Civ V: Gods & Kings expansion due late spring

Firaxis' PC strategy game adding religion, nine new leaders and Wonders, 27 units, 13 buildings, more; price TBA.


Sid Meier's Civilization V

Civilization V was released in 2010 and already has a Game of the Year Edition available, but the strategy title isn't finished growing just yet. Today, 2K Games announced the Gods & Kings expansion for the game, which will bring a host of new additions.

The Gods & Kings expansion gets religion.
The Gods & Kings expansion gets religion.

Due out during late spring 2012 for an unspecified price, the Gods & Kings expansion for Civilization V adds 27 units, 13 buildings, and nine Wonders. Additionally, the expansion adds new civilizations: Carthage, the Netherlands, the Celts, and the Mayans. According to 2K, each civilization will have distinct traits, units, and buildings.

Gods & Kings will also bring nine new leaders to the game, including William I, the Prince of Orange, Boudicca, and Pacal the Great. On top of that, the expansion brings new scenarios allowing players to experience the fall of Rome and the medieval period and take on the empires of the Smoky Skies, which 2K says is a "Victorian science-fiction scenario."

Religion--which was offered in Civilization IV--is also added to Civilization V through the Gods & Kings expansion.

Developer Firaxis is also tweaking existing game mechanics via the Gods & Kings expansion. According to 2K, the expansion brings a "reworked" combat system, as well as more educated artificial intelligence. Further, 2K said the game's naval component will be split in two with the new update, allowing for both melee and ranged types.

Lastly, the Gods & Kings expansion for Civilization V adds new Mercantile and Religious city-state types, as well as "enhanced" diplomacy and espionage options. Players can unlock spies--another returning feature from Civilization IV--and use them to steal information from foes, and can even rig elections and stage coups.

For more on the Gods & Kings expansion, check out GameSpot's new hands-on preview.

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