City of Villains Manifests update

Issue 7: Destiny Manifest out now for villainous MMOG; update adds content for high-level bad guys, mayhem missions, new PVP zone.


City of Villains

NCsoft has released the latest update for City of Villains, the massively multiplayer online role-playing game dedicated to super villains. Titled Issue 7: Destiny Manifest, the update is available in North America and Europe and free for the game's subscribers.

The add-on includes plenty of content for gamers, with 300 new missions and a new zone made specifically for high level characters. The new mayhem missions feature instanced zones in the goody-two-shoes metropolis Paragon City, where villains can cause as much havoc as they can in new destructible environments.

The new area of Grandville features the home of Lord Recluse, the head of the evil Arachnos, and Recluse's Victory, a player-versus-player zone where heroes and villains battle for control points. As momentum shifts from side to side, new "signature characters" may appear to help the losing faction turn the tide.

Other features include "patron powers" for characters level 40 or higher, storage items, supergroup banners, and more. City of Villains is rated T for Teen and retails for $39.99. For more information, check out GameSpot's review of the full game or preview of the new update at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo.

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