City of the Dead hunts for publisher

Developer Kuju seeking a release for George Romero's zombie game after original publisher declares bankruptcy.


After Canadian publisher Hip Interactive went under last month, developer Kuju Entertainment and interim receiver Ernst & Young Inc. were left holding onto the partly finished City of the Dead, a multiplatform game based on George Romero's series of zombie films. Apparently, both companies are aiming to keep the horror game alive and kicking, despite the current lack of publisher. "There have already been several interested parties in the game, the team and the technology," said Jonathan Newth of Kuju Entertainment.

City of the Dead is a first-person shooter set within the universe of the Night of the Living Dead films and includes all the undead gore for which those movies are so well known. Before Hip Interactive declared bankruptcy, City of the Dead was to be released for the PC, Xbox, and PlayStation 2 next February. For more, check out GameSpot's hands-on impressions from E3 2005.

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It's dead =/ I mean really dead. Like headshot dead.

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When will this gaem ever come out I first saw this on about two years ago have been eagerly awaiting it since. Kuju get up off your asses and have a good look around

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Was this thing dropped after or are they still searching for a publisher? I'm surprised nobody baught it yet, this game would be amazing! All this time could've been put to good use to make the game even better!