City of Heroes gets Euro launch date

European release to feature bonus content, three collectible time cards.


City of Heroes

City of Heroes will swoop into the European market February 4, publisher NCsoft Europe revealed today. The popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game will offer exclusive bonuses to European players, including all three game content updates, an 88-page comic digest, codes to unlock "Prestige Power," a unique cape for level 20 and above characters, and a VIP badge. City of Heroes will carry a price tag of 29.99 pounds/39.99 euros ($39.31); monthly subscriptions will be 8.99 pounds/12.99 euros ($11.78), with discounts available for three months at 23.99 pounds/34.99 euros ($31.44) and six months at 44.99 pounds/64.99 euros ($58.96). NCsoft will also release three unique collectible "time cards," allowing players to pay for 60 days of gameplay at 17.99 pounds/25.99 euros ($23.58). For more information on the launch, visit the game's official Web site.

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