City of Heroes expands

NCsoft's superhero MMORPG gets fourth "issue"; expansion adds player-versus-player combat, more character customization.


City of Heroes

NCsoft today announced that the fourth expansion for City of Heroes is now available and free of charge for current subscribers. To get City of Heroes Issue 4: Colosseum, gamers need only to log into the game, which will then initiate an automatic download.

The biggest addition in Colosseum is player-versus-player combat, a first for the superhero-themed massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Players can rumble against each other in three arenas in Galaxy City, Talos Island, and Peregrine Island. City saviors can battle solo, in small groups, or in large group battles to prove who is the most super of all.

"I believe PVP will supplement the game while not detracting from City of Heroes' missions or story arcs," said lead designer Jack Emmert. "I see the PVP arenas as a way for players to hone their skills and as a change of pace from arresting villains."

In addition, gamers can now create even more appearances for their heroes. A revamped costume customization feature adds several new anime-themed garbs and the ability to scale specific body parts to beef up characters' looks.

City of Heroes is rated T for Teen and sells for $29.99 with a $14.95 monthly subscription fee. To learn more about the game, read GameSpot's full review.

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