City of Heroes Collector's Edition DVD coming soon

The special edition of NCSoft's game includes the superhero MMORPG, expansions, a figurine, and more.


City of Heroes

Addicted to City of Heroes but can’t get enough of the comic book-inspired massively multiplayer online role-playing game? Here comes NCsoft to save the day. The developer-publisher today announced that the superpowered City of Heroes Collector's DVD Edition will be available in most retail outlets in North America next week.

The game pack includes the original City of Heroes game as well as the expansions Episode 1: Through the Looking Glass and Episode 2: A Shadow of the Past. An exclusive HeroClix figure made by WizKids, and based on City of Heroes main character Statesman, will also be included in the special edition package. Other goodies include a foldout map of the game’s locale, Paragon City, a 16-page online comic, winning entries from the City of Heroes Film Festival, previews of upcoming NCsoft games (including the City of Villains expansion), and a unique in-game item exclusive to the City of Heroes Collector's Edition.

The “T” for Teen-rated Collector's Edition will retail for $49.99 and will come with a free month of online play. Online play will go to $14.95 per month thereafter. Players with existing City of Heroes accounts who purchase the Collector's Edition will have 30 days of free play credited to their accounts.

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