City of Heroes announced

Cryptic Studios unveils its upcoming massively multiplayer online superhero role-playing game. New screenshots inside.


City of Heroes

California-based Cryptic Studios has announced its upcoming online role-playing game, City of Heroes. The comic-book-style game lets players assume the role of a superhero and fight a variety of villains in a 3D virtual world. Players can create their own custom heroes with a variety of costumes and items and hundreds of different superpowers, skills, and abilities. They can then form alliances with other characters, create secret headquarters, and fight evil to become the top superhero group in the city.

Superheroes in the game will fight villains, aliens, monsters, and a number of other enemies. They can undertake specific missions, and if they are successful, they can acquire power, fame, and wealth. Players in the game help form the ongoing story of the game as they cleanse the city of dozens of powerful criminal organizations and hundreds of enemies.

City of Heroes is scheduled for release in mid-2002. For more information, visit the new official City of Heroes Web site.

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