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Cities: Skylines Mass Transit Expansion Gets New Trailer And Release Date

A "blimp-load" of new features.


Cities: Skylines players will soon get a chance to turn their city into a mass transit hub with the latest expansion. Now we're getting an expanded look and a release date.

The new trailer shows off many of the new transportation networks you can build in the Mass Transit DLC. Your citizens will be able to get around via ferry, monorail, cable car, and even blimp, all of which connect together and with your existing rail lines.

The transit options provide a new way to make money in the game, and there are new road types, scenarios, landmarks as well. Mass Transit will be available for digital download on Steam starting May 18. It'll cost $13 USD.

Cities: Skylines is about to make its console debut on Xbox One on April 21. That release comes with the game's first DLC expansion, After Dark, which gives players access to new transportation options, nightlife, tourist attractions, and city services to accommodate your citizen's night time activities.

There's no word when or if this Mass Transit expansion, or the other DLC expansions Snowfall and Natural Disasters, will be released on Xbox One.

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Cities: Skylines has become a hit game for publisher Paradox since its release in 2015. The Simcity-inspired title is the company's fastest-selling game ever, and our reviewer Brett Todd called it "the best city-builder on the market right now," giving it an 8/10.

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