Cities: Skylines DLC Out Today, Lets You Make A New Mass Transit System

The new expansion adds a bunch of ways to transport your city's residents to their jobs.


If you've spent time in San Francisco--or any big city, honestly--you've probably spent hours on overcrowded and delayed buses or subways thinking about how you would fix things if you were in charge. Cities: Skylines' new DLC pack launches today, and it gives you the tools to do just that. But we all know it's probably going to turn out poorly anyways.

Cities: Skyline's Mass Transit expansion is out today on PC, and it adds a whole bunch of transportation-related vehicles and objects. It aims to give players greater control over the flow of people through their cities. Check out the launch trailer below and a gallery of screens at the bottom of this article.

The most notable addition in the pack is the new fleet of vehicles. Not surprisingly, you can now place ferries, cable cars, and monorail trains throughout your city to augment existing transportation. You can also add blimps, which honestly sounds like the most fun public transit system I can think of.

Alongside the new vehicles, the expansion includes transit infrastructure to increase the efficiency of the flow of citizens through the city. It adds transit hubs that connect transportation lines together, allowing citizens to transfer from line to line.

Launching alongside the Mass Transit pack is the Rock City music pack, so you'll be able to listen to some nice rock jams when you're messing with the morning commute of your city's inhabitants. This pack includes a DJ and sixteen songs "from grunge and classic rock to sleaze rock and metal to help you rock the suburbs," according to a press release. The Rock City music pack costs $4.

Mass Transit was announced last month and is out on PC today for $13 (£10.49 in the UK). There's no word yet on if this expansion is coming to the Xbox One version which was released back in April. Recently, developer Paradox Interactive announced a new city-builder game called Surviving Mars, which you can read more about here.

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