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Chrono Trigger Steam Patch Gives More Control Options

Plus, Crono and all his friends look more like themselves again.


Square Enix has issued a second patch for Chrono Trigger on Steam, aimed at addressing some of the feedback it received from fans upon first release. This latest update grants more tailored control options and continues to give a visual makeover to the sprites and animated cutscenes.

According to the announcement, the big change comes to the battle UI. Now players will be able to choose between one optimized for gamepad and keyboard, or touch displays and maps. The other two major changes are cosmetic: first to "improve the look of the classic pixel art" of the character sprites, and second to increase both the resolution and display size of the animated cutscenes.

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Other changes include bug fixes and a pause function during battles. Another update is planned for June that will make further adjustments to the screen layout and controls.

The classic RPG surprise-launched on Steam in February, but fans expressed their dissatisfaction. Being based on the mobile port meant visual smoothing and font choices that looked different than the original. Square promptly promised series of patches to address the feedback, and it's been good to its word. The first update, which released in April, made major adjustments to the graphics with an "Original" option.

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