Chrono Trigger loaded onto Japanese Virtual Console

Nintendo confirms Square's venerated action RPG will be ported to Wii's online store next month; US release unknown.

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Nintendo has been updating the Wii's Virtual Console with classics--and sometimes, "classics"--from gaming systems gone by since the system launched in November 2006. However, though its pool of oft-requested games is dwindling, the publisher still has a few aces remaining.

Today, Nintendo announced that Japanese gamers will be able to download Square's acclaimed Chrono Trigger in April. The game will set players back 900 Wii points ($9), a 100 Wii point premium over other SNES-era titles.

Chrono Trigger on the DS proved the series has passed the test of time.
Chrono Trigger on the DS proved the series has passed the test of time.

Chrono Trigger presents the story of Crono, who attempts to save his friend Marle from a malfunctioning teleportation device. However, a more sinister threat evolves through his adventures, and Crono soon finds himself altering space-time to divert the near-certain apocalyptic future.

Rather than traditional random-encounter battles, Chrono Trigger features visible enemies and an active battle system, where players have a personal countdown timer that measures the frequency of attacks. Seen as revolutionary at the time, the game also includes multiple ending sequences.

Chrono Trigger is one of just three releases scheduled for Japan's Virtual Console in April. The publisher also plans to release Mega Man X, which has itself been the subject of critical acclaim, as well as King of the Monsters 2.

Nintendo did not indicate whether Chrono Trigger would arrive on Virtual Consoles outside of Japan and had not responded to a request for comment as of press time. For more on the game, check out video of the 2008 DS rerelease below.

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