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Chrono Trigger headed to iOS next month

Square Enix confirms classic RPG will hit iPhone, iPod Touch in December with touch-customized controls.


Apple's mobile devices have served as host to several Square Enix rereleases over the past few years. Early Final Fantasy games and Final Fantasy Tactics are already on the App Store, and the role-playing game maker is readying another fan favorite from its back catalog for release on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Chrono Trigger gets yet one more rerelease next month.
Chrono Trigger gets yet one more rerelease next month.

Square Enix has now confirmed that its time-traveling role-playing game Chrono Trigger will hit Apple's handsets next month. The RPG classic was originally released on the Super Nintendo, but it has seen a number of rereleases throughout the years, with the most recent being a PlayStation Network reissue as a PSone Classic last month.

The iOS version will feature a reworked user interface that is more suited to touch controls. Language options for the iOS version will include Japanese, English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, and Chinese. Square Enix did not indicate whether an iPad version of the game is in development.

An exact release date and pricing have not been confirmed, but other high-profile rereleases from the Final Fantasy publisher have hit the App Store at $16.

Chrono Trigger focuses on a main character named Crono and his friends Lucca and Marle. When inventor Lucca's teleportation experiment inadvertently sends the friends back in time, they discover an ancient evil that will one day ruin their world, and so they set out to stop it. The game featured a wide variety of fantastical environments throughout its multitude of time periods, and it drew acclaim for its storyline.

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