Chrono Trigger Director Wants to See "High-End" Remake

Takashi Tokita would also settle for a movie of the classic Square Enix RPG.


Chrono Trigger director Takashi Tokita has said he'd like to see Square Enix bring the critically acclaimed RPG back in some form.

Speaking to Game Informer, Tokita said Chrono Trigger, which is considered to be one of the best RPGs of all time, was special because it united two beloved franchises, Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy.

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"It's probably considered sacred since the companies merged," he said. "It was essentially a dream mix between Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest; creating or exceeding what it was in its original form is a very difficult feat."

Reflecting on its development, Tokita said the development team reached "a couple hundred" people at the same time, including many developers that would go on to define the Final Fantasy franchise.

Other members of Chrono Trigger's all-star development team included Yoshinori Kitase, credited with directing many of the best Final Fantasy titles; Hironobu Sakaguchi, creator of Final Fantasy; Yuji Horii, creator of Dragon Quest; Dragon Ball Z creator and artist Akira Toriyama; and legendary Final Fantasy soundtrack composer Nobuo Uematsu.

"It was kind of like a grand festival--it was really fun. [Final Fantasy designer and artist Tetsuya] Nomura was actually creating the environment background pieces in Chrono Trigger--like the courthouse scene, that was created by him."

Tokida added that, ideally, he'd like to see a "high-quality, high-end" version of Chrono Trigger, a "movie production, or something of the sort."

Chrono Trigger was released for the Super Nintendo in 1995. It has been re-released for Nintendo DS, iOS, and Android. A spiritual successor for the first PlayStation called Chrono Cross was released in 1999.

Square Enix has confirmed Final Fantasy 15's release date as September 30. It is also re-making Final Fantasy 7, which will reportedly be delivered in multiple instalments.

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Today we don't really have *capitalism* anymore as the worlds money is in the hands of a few families that own most of the businesses and institutions and that includes sadly video games. We know are in a (pseudo) corporatism/socialism which neither are healthy for long term business.

If there is one thing socialist and rich bankers have in common they both believe if you don't vote for their regulations the world will come to a crashing halt and that mother nature won't continue on despite the fact we are just rats in her eyes.

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Squar Enix is ran by financial bankers much like EA games where all they know is stocks and money. They understand very little in running a business outside of that and are out of touch with reality. They only see what's in front of their face.

The best businesses are those who have a mix of *feelers* and *thinkers* who can get the job done. Without a solid mix then the business will eventually fail and erode over time.

That's what happened to Atari they were ran by *feelers* who just wanted the next big high and didn't keep to a project.

Now Square Enix is that way today they just want the (vibe) or whatever the self entitled generation calls it and Chrono Trigger/Super Mario RPG type games requires too much thought to stick to. You can't just rush those games together or they would've too came out sloppy.

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When I first played this game, I was bothered by random encounters in FF. The combat of this game blew my mind. When the I saw the anime opening in the PS One remake, it blew my mind again. I don't know if my mind can be blown a third time, but this is my favorite game on PS One, so chances are good it'd get my business.

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Imo none of the CT re-releases stand up to his original SNES version.

On PS1 the game is very slow, loading too much, on the NDS the colors are "washed out". Only the original SNES version is the good version of this unforgettable gem.

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People that say Chrono Cross was crap have a very flawed taste in jRPGs. That game was amazing. There's a very good reason it's considered the best jRPG on the PSone.

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got to correct it : best J-RPG of all time. CT is allways the 2nd on my list. ;-)

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We all want a remake. This and Xenogears.

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I've re played this game more times than most. This is up there with FFVI and tactics. I've thought about what keeps bringing me back to games like this on many occasions and I'm still unsure. I think it has to do with the fact that so much is still left to the imagination. There are very basic animations, no voice acting, and you also have no idea what the main character is like, even though you play his character throughout the game. He has 2 lines of dialogue in the whole game. I think it's easier to put yourself in the game when the main character is like this. The soundtrack is amazing too. Also lots of nostalgia haha

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remember when i was searched for hours for the next place, there where no clues at all about where to go, or the clues are just fading infos and the game actually never tells you where to go next, good old RPG's. :-)

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This 21 year old remake will have DLC sadly.

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@sonypony4eva: Don't forget it will be split into 5 episodic titles and you'll have to have each copy to travel between time periods.

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Honestly, I think is a terrible idea. Chrono Trigger, while not being my favourite jrpg, is well balanced in every aspect, and has aged pretty well imo. FFVI should be the second big remake SE should make.

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Sadly it has not aged. Pretty much enjoyable, more than many crappy J-RPG's the gaming has to offer today.

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I wouldn't trust Square Enix to make a decent remaster of it. They keep trying to invent a new combat system every time they make a new game. The newer systems aren't my thing, I would hate to see Chrono trigger get the same treatment. I'd rather it kept to turn based combat.

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What's the Android version like?

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I didnt know there was so much hate for chrono cross, im at a loss feeling alone and beleaguered.

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@morning: Chrono Cross was awesome as well. I'd rather see that have like a 3DS release and maybe adapting Radical Dreamers into a real game even if it happens to be a shorter 1/2 priced title. It'd be good to have more of the gap filled between the games.

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@morning: Oh, you're not alone. I loved the game.

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@morning: I recall playing it and getting bored with it very early into the game and never touching it again....

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Time for me to play this again, im all for a remake if done right.

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Awesome! No wait....It will prob have the shit real time fighting square cant seem to get right....

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Just not in multiple installments like FF7 please.

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@Kiyosuyo: That was my first thought when I saw the headline.

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What's taken him so long to bring this up! I've been waiting for this...... SOMEONE GIVE IT THE GREEN LIGHT!

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@kazedafinest: in brightest day, in blackest night...wait, wrong type.

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just with updated graphics,polished but similar gameplay to the original sure i would buy it, but if they are going to turn it into an action game or something like that no thanks.

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No need of a remake, make another sequel and let us pray that it will be any good.

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@RogerioFM: But there already is a sequel. Chrono Cross (PS1). It's not as good as Chrono Trigger, but it has it's own thing going for it.

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@Abomination713: Chrono Cross was garbage.

They gotta just do a legit remake, no Chrono Laser, Chrono Pumpkin, Chrono Pineapple, just make a legit Chrono Trigger 2, using Toriiyama's artwork, with the same characters.

Nobody cared about Chrono Cross, cause it didn't have Dragon Ball artwork, it didn't have the same characters, it didn't have the original 2D graphics, it was just some cheap cash in on the Chrono name.

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@kazeswen: Wow. Did you even play it? I loved CC every bit as much as CT. The alternate dimension thing caught my imagination more than time travel.

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@Rushaoz: I did play that crap. Hated it everything about from the retarded kid with bandana to his dump dual sided blade to the really boring looking character art, literally just some default anime faces that nobody remembers. I can't remember any of the characters or the story, thats how bad the game was. Yet I remember everything about Chrono Trigger.

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@kazeswen: I played it and didn't like it either (except the music). The music is very relaxing. Interesting how they did (two) victory themes.

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@kazeswen: I thought Chrono Cross was great. It also got a perfect 10 on GameSpot and was loved by pretty much all critics. It all comes down to opinion though.

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@mo123567: A lot of them have never spend time with Chrono Trigger or maybe speed played thru it missing a lot of the hidden gems. There were really no (review) places when Chrono came out. If you had magazines you'd have been pumped or missed it entirely if you were into let's say Sega Genesis.

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@kazeswen: I thought Chrono Cross was great. It got a perfect 10 on GameSpot and was loved by pretty much all game critics. It all comes down to opinion though.

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@Abomination713: Yes, I know, but another sequel, Chrono Bullet or something. I liked Chrono Cross almost as much CT.

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This game opened up my imagination as a kid. I support the game being on multiple platforms. However, I don't think a remake is worth it.

I would prefer them moving forward and making something new.

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Square Enix would make a killing if they made a straight up Chrono Trigger HD remake. By that I mean, the exact same game but with cell shaded 3D graphics in an isometric view. Then use that success to fund a true sequel.

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@cfscorpio: Nahhhh requires too much thought processing. Too risky. In the minds of bankers and financial people if the trend doesn't look right they wont' do it though with our improving economy video games are starting to get bigger now.

The last five years afterlooking at various reviews we were in a period of half broken games requiring patching on day one with equally crappy physics. Steam had a lot of crappy *simulator* titles giving the genre a bad name due to *green light* allowing unlimited crap. When you have open borders behind the legit people comes the lowest common denomentors

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The scale of Chrono Trigger is pretty massive, it would be spectacular indeed.

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The game was remade for PSX as well, through "Final Fantasy Chronicles" including FF4 and CT.

And CC was not a spiritual successor, it's a sequel. Lavos is in the game, also the ghost of Chrono, Marle, Luca. Kid is the little girl Luca finds in the wood at the end of Chrono Trigger. You can even walk in "The end of time"...
It's an adaptation of "Radical Dreamer" wich was an interactive novel for the Super Nintendo Satelite in japan. It was the story of the little child and Magus...

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On PSX that is not a remake but a re-release with added CGI's. And it was even worse port than the original SNES because it has horrible loading time.

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I think Square-Enix is on a good recovery track right now. Remastering old games is the way to go, while also releasing newer titles that take 3-5 years of development. If they keep this up, I see no reason why they can't tackle a remastering of Chrono Trigger. All it would take is for fans to start demanding it enough, and they will listen. Supply must meet demand.

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Yeah, not gonna happen. Square is already overwhelmed with the FF7 remake, splitting it up into several games. And Chrono Trigger is huge, with a seperate world map for all the different eras and completely different scenarios. It's an awesome game, but games like this don't exist anymore. The scope's too big for modern Full HD games.

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@Atzenkiller: I completely disagree. Chrono Trigger is a much smaller game than FF7. Not in a bad way though. It's the perfect size.

Avatar image for ANUBISZER0

I too would like to see a high end remake of this classic game.

Avatar image for lostn

Give it to Obsidian. They were begging you to let them make a CT game years ago.

Avatar image for TheLX

If they would try to do the same thing they are currently doing with FFVII, then please no. Not now, not ever.