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Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy V and VI dated for PSN

Square Enix's Winter of RPGs campaign bringing classic adventures to Sony's online platform beginning November 8.


Square Enix has for the past couple of years steadily trickled out some of its venerated catalog of role-playing games through the PlayStation Network. This winter, PSN users will see that collection substantially grow, as Square Enix announced today that it will soon rerelease Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy V, and Final Fantasy VI through the platform.

Terra's adventure is just one that can be experienced again on the PSN.
Terra's adventure is just one that can be experienced again on the PSN.

Dubbed the "Winter of RPGs" campaign, Square Enix's rerelease slate begins on November 8 with Chrono Cross. Having received top marks from reviewers upon its release for the original PlayStation in 2000, Chrono Cross went on to be named GameSpot's Game of the Year in 2000. Its similarly acclaimed predecessor, Chrono Trigger, arrived on the PSN in early October.

Chrono Cross will be followed by Final Fantasy V, which is due for release on the PSN November 20. Assuming the role of Bartz, players attempt to preserve a set of elemental crystals that have been used to protect the world from the sorcerer Exdeath.

The final addition to Square Enix's Winter of RPGs campaign is Final Fantasy VI, which will arrive on December 6. Originally released for the SNES in North America as Final Fantasy III, Final Fantasy VI follows the love-lost and memory-bereaved supersoldier Terra, who embarks with a group of companions to save the world from the clown mage Kefka and Emperor Gestahl.

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