Chrome update

Strategy First releases more details on its upcoming first-person shooter. New screenshots inside.



Strategy First has released additional details about Chrome, its upcoming first-person shooter that's in development at the Polish studio Techland. Chrome's protagonist is Logan, an interstellar bounty hunter who finds himself in a galaxy torn apart by war over strategic mineral deposits. Borrowing a page from Deus Ex , Logan can use bioengineered implants to augment his physical abilities. This means the player can tailor Logan's skills to suit each of Chrome's 14 missions.

Chrome also features eight usable vehicles, ranging from trucks to armored transports to shuttles. When dismounted from the vehicles, Logan can wield more than 18 different weapons including a combat knife, a plasma rifle, rocket launchers, an electric beam thrower, and several types of machine guns. Chrome is due for release in summer 2003. We'll certainly have more coverage of the game leading up to its release. In the meantime, take a look at today's new screenshots and our previous coverage of the game.

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