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We take a brief hands-on look at Strategy First's upcoming futuristic first-person shooter.



We recently had a chance to try out an early version of Strategy First's upcoming first-person shooter Chrome, a futuristic game in which you play as a veteran soldier who must explore 14 different levels and complete various objectives. From what we've seen of the game so far, several of Chrome's levels will take place in expansive outdoor environments, though these outdoor environments feature varied terrain, including individually rendered bushes and clumps of grass, as well as rock formations, hills, and slopes. From what we've seen, even if you're attempting to take a camp of enemy soldiers out in the open, you'll still have a good amount of cover.

Although Chrome isn't a stealth-focused game like Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance or Splinter Cell, it does have several options that will let you get the drop on your enemies, especially since you'll play through much of the game alone. The game lets you crouch and lie prone, and while assuming these positions makes you move much more slowly, it helps you take cover from enemy fire more effectively and steadies your aim. Likewise, though some of Chrome's weapons have alternate firing modes that you can activate using your right mouse button, many of the smaller arms, such as pistols and submachine guns, don't--instead, right-clicking causes your character to steady his weapon against his forearm to improve his accuracy.

Chrome will clearly be more than just an arcade-style shooter, since the game will feature an RPG-like inventory system that will let you carry a certain amount of weight in various items, such as different weapons, healing kits, binoculars, grenades, and ammunition. Unlike in some shooters, it won't always be a good idea to grab every single weapon and item you find in Chrome. If you pick up too many heavy items and exceed your weight allowance, you'll move more slowly and will have a harder time dodging enemy fire. Fortunately, your character has a paper-doll inventory system that lets him carry grenades and ammo on various parts of his person. Your character will also have a completely separate inventory system for implants; these items can be implanted into his body to increase his stealth, speed, and strength.

Chrome's developers seem to be trying to bridge the gap between a realistic tactical game and a run-and-gun shooter. The game is scheduled for release later this year, but we'll have more information on it soon.

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