Chrome delayed

Strategy First pushes the futuristic shooter's release schedule to late summer.



Instead of releasing the US version of Chrome in the coming weeks as planned, Strategy First has announced that the first-person shooter is now scheduled for release late this summer. The decision to delay the game was based on feedback from players who participated in the recent beta test. "The Chrome community and the development team are dedicated to making Chrome the best game it can be," said George Chastain, senior producer for Strategy First. "We've decided that a couple more months of dev time would allow us to polish and include more multiplayer content that players have asked for, so we had no choice but to push it back."

Developed by Poland-based developer Techland over the last two years, Chrome takes place in a far-future setting where mega corporations are competing ruthlessly for a rare resource, and players assume the role of a mercenary in the middle of it all. The game will feature eight controllable vehicles, nanotech implants, and futuristic weapons that players will use to navigate 14 single-player missions. For more details, check out our previous coverage of the game.

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