Christian Police Associations call for Darkness II ban

[UPDATE]: International coalition asks gamemakers, legislators to stop the sale of violent games, takes specific exception to upcoming 2K shooter; publisher responds.


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At the opening of The Darkness II, protagonist Jackie Estacado has risen through the ranks of organized crime to become the don of the Franchetti clan. And while it might go without saying that the police in the game's world will be set against him, it turns out some authorities in this world have an issue with him as well.

The Darkness II is being targeted by the boys in blue.
The Darkness II is being targeted by the boys in blue.

The heads of the International Christian Police Fellowship, the Christian Police Association, the Swiss Christian Police Association, and the Germany Christian Police Association last month drafted a letter to politicians and game producers explaining their objection to the violent content in many games. Specifically, the organizations called out The Darkness II, saying it and games like it create a distorted perspective of police officers for young players.

The groups are appealing to lawmakers and publishers to immediately stop the sale of such games, referencing the Biblical verse, "[F]or whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap."

The Darkness II is set for North American release February 7. For more on the title, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

[UPDATE]: 2K Games has provided a comment on the police associations' objections, saying, "Reported stories regarding police officers in The Darkness II were erroneous. To be clear, there are no police officers in the game."

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