Chris Rock Talks About The Last Time He Saw Chris Farley Alive

The actor shares a sad story about leaving Farley's apartment and thinking, "That's probably the last time I'm going to see him."


Actor Chris Rock has shared a sad story about the last couple of times he saw his friend Chris Farley alive. Speaking to Esquire, Rock spoke about the famous photo of himself, Farley, Adam Sandler, and David Spade, which was one of the final times he got to spend with Farley before his untimely passing. Later, Rock would spend time with Farley and have a premonition about Farley's demise.

The photo was taken as part of Rock's comedy tour, at the now-shuttered Universal Amphitheater in Los Angeles. "This looks like one of the last times I saw Chris alive," Rock recalled. "I would see him one more time when I did a gig in Chicago. We tried to hang out afterwards, but… I don't know if you've ever really hung out with an addict. Towards the end, anything that isn't the drug is a chore."

Rock and Farley joined the cast of Saturday Night Live in 1990 and quickly became friends, along with other new cast members Sandler and Spade. Farley suffered from years of addiction to drugs and alcohol, and he eventually died in December 1997 from an overdose.

The very last conversation Rock had with Farley was at Farley's apartment. Rock said he remembers having a bad feeling as he was leaving.

"He was showing me his apartment. I leave, I see him out the window, and I was like, 'That's probably the last time I'm going to see him.' I knew."

Rock said he's still close friends with Spade and Sandler; the four were known as The Bad Boys of SNL back in the day.

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