Chris Pratt Shares An Ultra-Bloody Behind-The-Scenes Image From The Terminal List

Get a behind-the-scenes look at Pratt's new TV series, The Terminal List, which is headed to Amazon.


Among the numerous upcoming projects that actor Chris Pratt is working on is The Terminal List, a new TV series based on the Jack Carr novels. Pratt is filming the show right now, and he shared a brutally bloody behind-the-scenes photo on Instagram recently.

Posted to his Instagram story, and available below in an image shared by Carr, the image shows a series of bullet holes in a windshield, with blood splattered throughout the scene. The image also reveals that MJ Bassett directed this episode in particular.

This level of bloodshed is expected from The Terminal List, as the story follows a former Navy SEAL--James Reece--who exacts revenge in brutal fashion upon those who wronged him. That being said, we don't have any context for the scene in question from Pratt's image. Pratt plays Reece, while the series also features Taylor Kitsch (John Carter, True Detective). It's directed by action movie veteran Antoine Fuqua (Training Day, Shooter, Olympus Has Fallen).

The Terminal List, and Carr's other books, are based in part on his own experiences as a Navy SEAL. He spent 20 years in the American military, deploying to Iraq and Afghanistan as a trained sniper.

The production crew for The Terminal List TV show will have military veterans and their families consult on the project, including the writing. Half of the writers are veterans or are related to veterans.

A video that emerged from the set of The Terminal List shows Pratt filming an action scene involving firing a weapon through a windshield; you can see the clip below.

The Terminal List is Pratt's first role on TV since Parks and Recreation. There is no word yet as to when The Terminal List will premiere, however.

Pratt is also working with Amazon on the future warfare movie The Tomorrow War, which debuts on July 2.

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