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Chris Pratt: "I Think Your Childhood Is Firmly Intact," Super Mario Bros. Movie Won't Ruin It

The voice actor for the Nintendo icon also admits to being apprehensive about taking the part.


The Super Mario Bros. Movie won't stomp all over your (touch) fuzzy memories of the Nintendo icon, according to Chris Pratt. The actor, who voices Mario, believes the animated film is worthy of the video game character's legacy.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Pratt acknowledged the trepidation of a new Mario movie and his casting for the titular role. "Just because something has reach doesn't mean it's going to be a good movie, and there's instances of people making bad movies and ruining people's childhoods," he said. "So the pressure was on to not do that and, thankfully, we didn't. I think the movie is fantastic, and I think your childhood is firmly intact.”

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The Jurassic World and Guardians of the Galaxy star also admitted he was apprehensive at first about joining The Super Mario Bros. Movie. "It makes sense, I was pretty nervous when they offered it to me," said Pratt. "I thought, 'Wow, let's not screw this up.'"

The first reactions to The Super Mario Bros. Movie have been positive, though critics have noted it has a formulaic narrative. The Illumination animated flick is tracking to make a whopping $90 million or more in the US this weekend.

If you're wondering, GameSpot has you covered about whether The Super Mario Bros. Movie has a post-credits scene. Also, Donkey Kong voice actor Seth Rogen had some harsh words for the DK Rap recently.

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