Chris Evans Puts Rumors Of New MCU Appearance To Bed

Will this be the return of a young Captain America or old man Rogers?


When we last saw Steve Rogers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it was during Avengers: Endgame, when the former Captain America decided to live out his life with his sweetheart Peggy Carter--effectively erasing the timeline where she married someone else--and he showed up as an old man, having lived a normal life. A rumor seemed to put this into doubt, with mentions of Evans potentially returning for at least one more film. However, Evans himself has put these rumors to rest with a post on his Twitter account.

According to sources speaking to Deadline, Evans will be returning to the role for future MCU projects. Insiders claim that the deal is headed towards closing and the actor will show up in one more Marvel property with the option for a second. If Evans is unaware of this, however, it seems unlikely it's actually happening.

If Captain America does ever make a return, fans shouldn't expect a young Captain America to reappear--unless it's a flashback sequence or an appearance in the Disney+ series Loki, which will take place before the events of Endgame and also cover multiple timelines and universes.

Chances of a fourth Captain America movie are exceptionally slim with Evans in the starring role--especially since he passed the torch to Sam Wilson at the end of Endgame. However, Evans could fill the same type of role Robert Downey Jr. did in Spider-Man: Homecoming as a mentor to the next person--Wilson--carrying the red, white, and blue shield.

While we'll just have to wait and see how Evans will fit into the next MCU installments, if those negotiations ever do start, Phase 4 kicks off on January 15 when WandaVision hits Disney+. If you're curious about the show, check out GameSpot's WandaVision review. Chris E. Hayner gave the first three episodes a 9 out of 10 saying, "WandaVision is an undeniable success. Marvel Studios attempted something they hadn't tried before and wound up with a show that's somehow a classic family sitcom that is also propelling forward the storytelling of the universe of epic films that has been unspooling for over a decade. Now you will just have to wait for the slow burn narrative to reveal itself."

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