Choplifter HD grounded until winter

Zombie-infused take on Broderbund classic pushed back as Konami signs on to co-publish Xbox Live Arcade version; PSN and PC editions still in the works.


When inXile Entertainment first revealed it was working on Choplifter HD earlier this year, the Hunted: The Demon's Forge developer had planned it for a fall release on two platforms: the PlayStation 3 and PC. Plans have changed, as Konami today announced that it will co-publish an Xbox Live Arcade version of the game with inXile, and the release window for all versions is now set for this winter.

Zombies are just one of the threats players will have to rescue people from in Choplifter HD.
Zombies are just one of the threats players will have to rescue people from in Choplifter HD.

A revamp of Broderbund Software's original Choplifter franchise, Choplifter HD will see players assume the role of a pilot for the elite, international helicopter rescue team C.H.O.P.R. (Coordinated Helicopter Operations, Preservation, and Rescue). inXile has some experience bringing back old franchises, having been responsible for the 2005 refresh of the 1980s role-playing game franchise The Bard's Tale.

Released in 1982 for the Apple II, the original Choplifter had a single setting where players picked up hostages while dodging enemy fire from jets and tanks. Choplifter HD will feature several helicopters to use in 20 missions, ranging from extracting military prisoners to rescuing survivors from biological weapon hot zones. According to inXile Entertainment president Brian Fargo, the game will also feature "lots of zombies and more over-the-top explosions to appeal to today's action-thirsty gamer."

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