Choice Quotes From Deadpool's Upcoming Game

Gamescom 2012: We get our first look at the foul-mouthed mercenary hero Deadpool and learn how to be extremely vulgar in some exciting new ways.



Is it bad that every time we see the new Deadpool game we can't help but be reminded of the '90s 3D platformer Gex: Enter the Geko? Both star cartoonish heroes--Gex, who's a wise-cracking gecko, and Deadpool, who's a wise-cracking psychopath. And both aren't afraid to poke fun of themselves, their game, and the fourth wall. At this year's Gamescom we got the chance to sit in on a brief hands-off demonstration for this upcoming third-person action game--complete with several outlandish one-liners from the man himself. We've prepared a few of our favorites below.

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"Let's be honest. I'm not the only one with a little bit of s*** in their pants am I?"
The way game director Sean Miller talked about Deadpool, you'd think the foul-mouthed mercenary had come to life and was developing the game himself. Throughout the presentation, Miller referenced that this was "Deadpool's game" or "the game [Deadpool] wanted to make." Everything is filtered through the character's exaggerated worldview, which Miller hopes will translate into a wildly violent and exciting game.

"Don't mind me, guys, I'm just here to steal your multimillion dollar whirlybird."
The demo began with a bouncy castle. Why Deadpool was inflating a bouncy castle, we didn't know. Perhaps it had something to do with assassinating his target: eccentric billionaire Chance White in his house-turned-military-bunker, or perhaps not. You never know with Deadpool. As the mission progressed, our hero hacked and slashed his way through White's guards in a visual style reminiscent of Ninja Gaiden 3 (sans many of the dramatic camera angels). Causing carnage earns you points to spend on weapon upgrades and unlocks.

"This enemy introduction is brought to you by the NRA. Remember: guns don't kill people, WE DO!"
This demo excelled at capturing the essence of Deadpool. His humorous--and vulgar--personality was well represented, and his attack animations were a mix of lethal and goofy. It was everything around Deadpool that came up short. Someone as over-the-top as Deadpool begs to be put in over-the-top situations. But the sections shown looked very tame by today's standards--and we're not just talking about the helicopter turret sequence. Granted, the game is early in development, so High Moon has plenty of time to add in some extra crazy.

"Dude, f*** math, just use all of it!"
Speaking of crazy, that bouncy castle we saw earlier did pay off in the end. After beating White to a pulp, Deadpool threw him out a window and rode his body to the ground where--just as planned--the castle was aligned just right to break his fall.

And just to keep things interesting, we were treated to a brief cameo by an extra-bouncy version of Psylocke right at the end. She won't be the only hero dropping by, either, as Miller teased additional heroic and villainous enemies to come. Personally, we're hoping Cable will make an appearance for a comic-inspired team-up, but we'll just have to wait and see. A release date was not teased in the slightest, but stay tuned and we'll keep you updated when it becomes available.

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