Chivalry: Medieval Warfare Runs at 60 FPS on PS4, 30 FPS on Xbox One

But both versions run at 1080p.


Chivalry: Medieval Warfare launches today, December 1, on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. If you own both consoles and are wondering which version to buy, we've now learned more about the differences between the two console editions of the melee combat-centric multiplayer action game.

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Developer Torn Banner Studios told WCCF Tech that both editions output at 1080p. However, in terms of performance, the PS4 version runs at 60 FPS, while the Xbox One edition is 30 FPS. The studio reiterated this point on Twitter today.

No further explanation regarding the frame rate disparity between the two platforms was divulged.

Medieval Warfare includes 24-player online multiplayer (with dedicated servers), more than 25 maps, and a new hard mode that supports teams of up to six players. The game is available for $20 through PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. An Ultimate Edition of the game, which includes the Barbarian character pack, Marauding arbiter pack, Inquisitive Dreadnaught bundle, and the Barbarian weapon pack, can be purchased for $30.

Those cosmetic DLC packs, which include things like skins, helmets, and weapons, can also be purchased separately for $8 each.

Originally released on PC in 2012, Medieval Warfare has since been ported to Xbox 360 (in 2014) and PS3 (earlier this year).

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