Chinese giant YY picks up a Korean team.

Pray, Gorilla, Smeb, Lee and KurO are official members and will be coached by Nofe


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Chinese giant YY will be acquiring a Korean team to promote their newly renamed streaming service in Korea, Inven confirmed today. YY's parent company Guongzhou Huaduo Network Technology, LLC. (Duowan Inc) hopes to promote their newly re-named streaming site,, in Korea by creating a team built around well known Korean players. The team will be registered under Duowan's Korean subsidiary GE Entertainment.

Duowan's new Korean team, the HUYA Tigers will participate in the qualification tournament for the 2015 OGN Spring Season. Featuring four ex-Najin players and one ex-IM player, the team hopes to be one of the two that earn a spot in the Spring Season of the newly revamped ‘The Champions’ League. HUYA consists of Lee "kurO" Seo-haeng, Song "Smeb" Kyung-ho, Kang "GorillA" Beom-hyeon, Kim "PraY" Jong-in and Lee "Lee" Ho-Jin.

GE Entertainment contacted Gorillia before his contract was over with Najin e-mFire and are stating that they are sorry about the issues caused and will pay the fine. They hope to show good results in the upcoming qualifying tournament.

KurO and Lee were formerly the mid laner and jungler respectively of the Najin Blacksword team that reached the quarter-finals of the The Champions Summer 2014. Pray, who competed in the Najin Sword and Blacksword teams from 2012 to the Spring of 2014 as the starting AD Carry, is a Champions winner and a worlds semi-finalist. Gorilla, a OGN finalist and Worlds quarter-finalist, was formerly the support player of Najin White Shield and is considered one of the best supports in the world. Smeb was the former top laner of Incredible Miracle 1. The team will be coached by former Najin Shield jungler Jeong "NoFe" No-chul. was originally, according to a report on Admin 5, named and visiting redirects to Admin 5 seems to be baffled about the name change as they speculate that YY bought the domain for approximately 10 million RMB (~$1.6 million). The company's About Us page states that 'YY Games Live' is now, which officially confirms the rebranding

Duowan Inc was founded by Li Xeuling in 2005 and has grown to be one of China's biggest online companies, with over 70 million users accessing its sites daily and over 120 million registered users. The company currently has a revenue of $15 million RMB (~$2.5 million). In 2005, the company received a $1 million in angel investment which was quickly followed up by a $4 million investment by Morningside Ventures. In 2008, Walt Disney's Venture capital firm Steamboat invested $5 million into the company and in 2009 Duowan was given $23 million by GGV Capital.

HUYA Tigers' new roster is:

  • Top: Song "Smeb" Kyung-ho
  • Jungle: Lee "Lee" Ho-Jin
  • Mid: Lee "kurO" Seo-haeng
  • AD Carry: Kim "PraY" Jong-in
  • Support: Kang "GorillA" Beom-hyeon
  • Coach: Jeong "NoFe" No-chul

Special thanks to Reazony, Andy Shin and Chexx for helping translate Chinese and Korean.

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