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Child's Play VR First Look: Are You Ready To Face Off Against Chucky?

Child's Play VR is available on June 12.


Before seeing the Child's Play reboot movie in theaters, get ready to step into the world of the film and be terrorized by Chucky himself, in a new virtual reality experience. Child's Play VR launches on June 12 and traps users in Zedmart--a store featured heavily in the film--after dark, as a demented Chucky doll roams the aisles looking for his next victim.

"From the beginning of this partnership with Orion, the goal with Child's Play VR was to bring part of this insanely fun and creepy movie to life in a way that has never been done before," Child's Play VR director Dan Clifton, founder of branded content company Top Right Corner, explained in a press release. "After getting an early look at the script and some of the dailies, the idea was always primal: put the audience on Chucky's home turf in a place where they will be uncomfortable. In the film, that's represented by Zedmart, a discount catch-all everything store where much of the action takes place."

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According to Clifton, the Zedmart the experience is set in is a replica of the one seen in the film, "down to the millimeter." To further drop users into the world of the movie, elements of the film's new score from Bear McCreary have also been added to the game.

This first release of Child's Play VR is an "on the rails" experience, with a set path through the Zedmart, though users will have a 360-degree point of view. However, Clifton hinted that there could be an even bigger experience coming eventually. "There's also a version where in the future we take the entire Zedmart store and allow users to walk around and interact with each item, even a mischievous small doll trying to attack you," he teased.

Child's Play VR is compatible with the devices below and will be available for you to play on June 12. The Child's Play movie hits theaters on June 21.

Compatible devices:

  • Oculus Headsets
  • Gear VR Headsets
  • HTC Vive Headsets
  • Google Cardboard based Headsets
  • Facebook 360 video viewers(Web, Mobile)
  • YouTube 360 video viewers(Web, Mobile)

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