Child's Play Movie Reboot Trailer Makes Chucky A Murderous Alexa

Child's Play is in theaters on June 26.


It's finally here. The first full trailer for the upcoming Child's Play reboot has arrived and, with it, the first real look at the new version of Chucky, who happens to be voiced by Mark Hamill. While we previously didn't know much about the film, the new movie gives a lot of insight into what makes this take on Child's Play so different.

The big takeaway is that this isn't just some doll. It's 2019 and now Chucky is from the Buddi line of smart toys. As the trailer says, he can connect to all of your smart devices--which already sounds like a bad idea--and is controlled by an app. Of course, as the trailer teases, that app is going to go haywire as Chucky goes on a murdering spree.

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And while the trailer doesn't get too gory, it certainly looks as though Chucky is going to be very creative with his kills. From wrapping up one victim in Christmas lights, to seemingly taking control of electronic devices like drones to carry out his misdeeds, this murderous little doll is dangerous--and downright creepy. Check it out above.

One thing the trailer doesn't do is give much context to the relationship between Chucky and his owner, the 13-year-old Andy (Gabriel Bateman). However, during a preview event for the trailer's release, GameSpot and select press were shown an additional scene from the movie.

In it, Chucky and Andy are playing a board game, as the doll learns more about his owner. When a cat scratches the boy, though, Chucky goes on the offensive against the feline in a pretty disturbing moment. Thankfully, Andy stops him before it's too late, while Chucky says it's because the cat caused him pain.

It certainly gives the impression that Chucky thinks he's protecting Andy when he gets violent, at least at first. Given that this is a Child's Play movie, though, clearly, Andy isn't going to remain safe. And when you consider that a doll like the new Chucky can control pretty much any device it wants to, it opens up a bunch of truly horrific possibilities.

While this is the first real trailer for Child's Play, you're not going to have to wait much longer to see more. Child's Play, which also stars Aubrey Plaza and Bryan Tyree Henry, is in theaters on June 21.

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