Child of Eden winners announced

We announce the winners of our Child of Eden competition, who will receive tickets to an exclusive hands-on community event ahead of the game's release.

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Following a Child of Eden live stage demo at the MCM Expo, for which GameSpot UK is the exclusive video games partner, we ran a competition to win tickets to an exclusive hands-on event next week. At the event, which will take place on Thursday, June 2, in a central London "pop-up shop," winners will get their hands on the much anticipated psychedelic shooter from Tetsuya Mizuguchi.

It taught us how to spell synaesthesia.
It taught us how to spell synaesthesia.

The competition question was: For which platforms did Mizuguchi's Rez, to which Child of Eden is the spiritual successor, originally come out? The answer was the Dreamcast and PlayStation 2, and the winners are:

Jonathan Winter

Justin Passmore

Chris Worthington

Scott Sapsford

Christian Cecchi

Rustan Eltman

Tim Samme

James World

Liam Comer

Andrew Banting

Dan Barbazette

James Lovatt

Our lucky winners will each receive two tickets and will be contacted individually with details of the event. Catch the rest of the action from the London MCM Expo at

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