Chicago's Pac-Man Restaurant Opens in 2015, Sounds Amazing

Level 257 will offer food, drinks, bowling, and more.



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Chicago's 40,000 square foot Pac-Man themed restaurant, Level 257, will open in early 2015, Namco Entertainment has announced. The establishment is located at the Woodfield Mall, occupying a space that previously functioned as a warehouse for department store Sears.

Level 257 is a reference to Pac-Man's infamous killscreen, which pops up during the 256th board. The 180-seat restaurant is referred to as a "high-end" venue featuring bars and lounges with fire pits. There's even a separate sports bar that will stock a selection of craft beers, specialty wines, and cocktails.

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It's much more than a restaurant, however. Level 257 will have 16 "boutique retro-styled" bowling lanes, and also offer pinball machines, table tennis, and a variety of arcade and board games. There will even be a Pac-Man retail shop that will presumably sell all manner of items related to the classic gaming series.

Level 257's overall aim is to offer patrons a "fun dining" experience.

"Level 257 seeks to explore Pac-Man's impact upon our society and pop culture, reminding us all of the importance of play in our lives, while facilitating our desire to relive those times when beating the next level was the most important thing in our world," reads a line from the restaurant's description. "All while indulging that which we love now--great food and drink with our friends and family."

To see some images of Level 257's construction effort, and to apply for a job there, head to the restaurant's Facebook page.

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    Sounds like a good place to me!

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    I like visit restaurant someday when US Visa restored - Kim

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    << LINK REMOVED >> Restored? You had one in the past?

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    << LINK REMOVED >> Until then you'll keep hacking Sony.

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    I don't normally give a F about themed restaurants but something like this i'd dig......

    I'd hit this restaurant up if there was one in my area.....

    I'm not a massive Pac Man fan but I love games so yeah......and the chance to play a pinball game would be a draw, I suck at pinball but like em anyways....

    Avatar image for Richardthe3rd

    It's just really hilarious seeing people criticize this. I mean just why.

    The Internet: where trogdolytes can gather to gossip negatively like a bunch of fat church wives about everything negative about anything.

    I think this looks awesome and I'd totally love to check it out.

    Avatar image for Gravity_Slave

    Lol the complainer complaining about other complainers. Kinda makes you a hypocrite ;)

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    So I bet you thought that was an extremely clever post, until you realized, by your definition (which is slightly terrible) it made you a hypocrite too.

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    well, putting that on my 2015 bucket list

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    Who wouldn't go to a pac man restaurant?

    Avatar image for starcrafthenry

    Hopefully they end up more like Dave and Busters than Gameworks. Dave and Busters has pretty good food, and is definitely geared more towards adults. I don't think minors are even allowed in there without a guardian. Gameworks is fun too, but their food isn't great, and the game selection has dwindled in recent years.

    Avatar image for Polygon_Pariah

    "Level 257's overall aim is to offer patrons a "fun dining" experience."

    Ah yes, when I think "fine dining", I immediately envision Pac-Man.

    Avatar image for Maui_Lion

    << LINK REMOVED >> "fun dining" =/= "fine dining"

    Avatar image for scatterbrain007

    Harry Dresden should probably steer clear of this place.

    Avatar image for Hurvl

    They've got a lot of balls doing this, let's see if they even have a ghost of a chance of getting this going or if they'll have to pac it up and leave.

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    Polygon_Pariah you'll pull a quarter out of a kids ear.

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    Interesting. Just solely interesting

    Avatar image for jhpeter

    I want to b there.

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    Love the idea and I hope the owners do well. If they make it as an adult-only space, I'd want to check it out.

    Avatar image for bdrtfm

    Meh, still doesn't top the guy who opened a Krusty Krab restaurant on the Palestinian West Bank.

    Avatar image for SaintJimmmy

    wow thats like 20 minutes from my house, I might actually go check this out.

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    Pac-Man shaped Pizza slices! The best part is the Pac-Man theme song playing on repeat!

    Avatar image for eric_metal

    Wocka wocka

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    Must have low standards if this sounds amazing

    Avatar image for ezioismyname

    Must have sub par standards if this sounds "amazing"

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    << LINK REMOVED >>

    Will you shut up please and stop saying that?

    Avatar image for ezioismyname

    Must have low standards if this sounds amazing

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    Im a fan of the first pacman games, but they kinda ruined the franchise with those crappy 3D games. That, and 'theme restaurants' always have garbage food.

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    "High-End" doesn't bode well for those that expect it but have to still deal with kids running around being a nuisance while your sipping your $15 craft beer.

    Avatar image for Polygon_Pariah

    Lol you pay $15 for a beer.

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    Yes a pac-man theme with pinball and a bowling alley sounds like a really high-end restaurant , no thanks. These sort of family style places with crap food full of noisy kids and beer guzzling bluecollars are the last place I would go out to, like I want sombody playing pinball 10 feet away from me while I dine.

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    << LINK REMOVED >>

    Guess you never ate at a pizza hut back in the day, or Chuck E Cheese or my favorite with better food dave and busters.