Chicago's Pac-Man Restaurant Opens in 2015, Sounds Amazing

Level 257 will offer food, drinks, bowling, and more.


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Chicago's 40,000 square foot Pac-Man themed restaurant, Level 257, will open in early 2015, Namco Entertainment has announced. The establishment is located at the Woodfield Mall, occupying a space that previously functioned as a warehouse for department store Sears.

Level 257 is a reference to Pac-Man's infamous killscreen, which pops up during the 256th board. The 180-seat restaurant is referred to as a "high-end" venue featuring bars and lounges with fire pits. There's even a separate sports bar that will stock a selection of craft beers, specialty wines, and cocktails.

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It's much more than a restaurant, however. Level 257 will have 16 "boutique retro-styled" bowling lanes, and also offer pinball machines, table tennis, and a variety of arcade and board games. There will even be a Pac-Man retail shop that will presumably sell all manner of items related to the classic gaming series.

Level 257's overall aim is to offer patrons a "fun dining" experience.

"Level 257 seeks to explore Pac-Man's impact upon our society and pop culture, reminding us all of the importance of play in our lives, while facilitating our desire to relive those times when beating the next level was the most important thing in our world," reads a line from the restaurant's description. "All while indulging that which we love now--great food and drink with our friends and family."

To see some images of Level 257's construction effort, and to apply for a job there, head to the restaurant's Facebook page.

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