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Check Out World of Warcraft Characters Brought to Life by Syfy Show Face Off [UPDATE]

It airs at 7 PM tonight.


[UPDATE] The episode has finished, and the competing makeup artists created several characters including a Goblin, Worgen, Tauren, Troll, and Death Knight Draenei. The judges loved the Tauren, Troll, and Draenei; however, they were disappointed in the Goblin and Worgen. The artist behind the Goblin was eliminated from the season's competition, while the creator of the Draenei won the episode. You can check out all of the creations below.

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The original story follows:

The World of Warcraft will be the focal point for tonight's episode of the makeup artist competition show, Face Off. The Syfy show is known for makeup artists creating aliens, original slasher movie villains, and some of the creatures mentioned in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.

Tonight's episode will feature this season's artists attempting to bring to life characters from the Warcraft series. You can watch a sneak peek in the video above, though it stops short just as host McKenzie Westmore is about to reveal which races contestants can create. It's worth noting that the Illidan thumbmail is of a statue.

Blizzard posted on its blog saying people can expect to see Warcraft star Robert Kazinsky, who plays Orgrim in the film, and World of Warcraft senior art director Chris Robinson.

Face Off airs tonight on Syfy at 7 PM PT. We'll post a story after it airs that shows off what the makeup artists came up with. For now, you can take a look at a few images below.

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