Check Out This Special MGS 5: Phantom Pain PS4 System Coming to Japan

Sony announces a two-tone PS4 based on Snake's bionic arm.

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Along with all of today's news about Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain's release date and various editions, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan announced a special edition PlayStation 4 system based on the game for Japan, and it looks downright slick.

The red-and-black system (along with gold accents) you see above is modeled after Snake's bionic arm from the game--the same one you can get a replica of in the collector's edition. The accompanying controller is also a unique design, sporting a new color and Diamond Dogs logo, which is also found on the system itself.

A price and release date for the special system hasn't yet been announced. We've followed up with Sony to see if there's any chance we'll see it released in North America, but for now, it looks as if this is something you'll have to resort to importing.

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